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Photo with water pumps, Impulse Project Engineering BV Photo with water pumps, Impulse Project Engineering BV
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Development of ultrasonic water meter

Favourable charge-off with regard to our pumps

Impulse specialises in manufacturing products for groundwater management that frequently make their way to the end user by way of dealers.

Impulse Holding BV has two working companies, each with its own speciality.

1: Impulse Pumps BV
Main activity: Manufacturing pumps and associated articles for groundwater management (drainage by well points).

2: Impulse Project Engineering BV
Main activity: Supplying auger rigs and accessories for the piston drilling process. Impulse Project Engineering BV represents Beretta Alfredo machines.

In combination with our dealer network, our production channels, and our suppliers, our organisation possesses a tremendous fund of knowledge in the field of groundwater extraction, construction pit drainage and associated activities during which it is necessary to move water.
Our pumps are produced exclusively under license by Oriental Engineerings Works (pvt) Ltd. in India. This company, established in 1936, was one of the first in India to earn the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TUV certificates, and currently exports to all five continents in the world. In addition to producing Impulse pumps, the company has an outstanding reputation in the production of 700 bar hydraulic cylinders, powerpacks, and other hydraulic equipment.

We are the exclusive agents for:

Beretta Alfredo Beretta Alfredo
Hydraulic drilling installations
Mill.ar wellpoint Mill.ar wellpoint
Motridal Motridal

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