Impulse manufactures two pump types.

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IP-SERIES (Piston Pumps)

IP-SERIES (Piston Pumps)

Our IP-Series Dewatering Pump is a reliable and efficient solution for lowering water tables during excavation and construction projects.
  • It’s a reciprocated, double-acting piston pump designed for groundwater extraction in demanding construction and infrastructure projects. 
  • The pump is suitable for both short-term and long-term dewatering needs. 
  • It offers continuous operation, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted dewatering process.  
  • The IP-Series pump is highly efficient, minimizing power consumption while maximizing performance. 
  • It helps reduce costs and environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice. 
  • Safety and environmental considerations are integral to our design philosophy. 
  • The IP-Series pumps are dedicated clean water pumps, ensuring extracted water is free from contaminants.
  • They can be installed on vertical well-points or horizontal drainage lines for efficient groundwater extraction.
SIP (Screw Impeller Pumps)

SIP (Screw Impeller Pumps)

Our SIP-Series Screw Impeller Pump is a versatile and robust pumping solution for construction, infrastructure, and rental applications.

  • Designed to excel in a wide range of works, our centrifugal pumps handle tough job site conditions. – Impressive solid handling capabilities make them ideal for wastewater, sewerage, mud, and more.
  • Our pumps operate with maximum efficiency, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.
  • Built to last, with sturdy construction and robust components for reliable performance.
  • Screw impeller design allows handling of liquids with various viscosities.
  • Ecomizer-Pro control system optimizes operation and energy consumption.
  • Run dry capability and intelligent management for energy efficiency.
  • Experience exceptional performance with our SIP-Series Screw Impeller Pumps.
  • Trust in solid handling, efficiency, and durability for outstanding results.

Why Impulse:

Construction site water management 

Impulse offers two exceptional pump series: the IP-Series and SIP-Series. These pumps are available in diesel or electric drive and can be built with full enclosure or open structure. They are trusted worldwide for fluid transfer in construction, pipeline, and dewatering applications.

The IP-Series pumps are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. With a reciprocated double-acting piston design, they excel in lowering water tables and handling various fluids. These pumps are built to last, running continuously for extended periods. They are also energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and environmental impact.

For tough conditions, the SIP-Series pumps shine. With impressive solid handling capabilities, they effortlessly handle wastewater, sewerage, and more. These pumps operate in dry conditions and can handle liquids of varying viscosities. Their versatility makes them ideal for demanding jobs.

Whether you choose diesel or electric drive, Impulse has you covered. Customizable with full enclosure or open electric structure, our pumps adapt to your specific requirements. They are trusted by professionals worldwide for their reliability, efficiency, and versatility.

Experience the power of Impulse IP-Series and SIP-Series Pumps. Trust in our fluid transfer solutions for construction, pipeline, and dewatering projects. Choose Impulse and elevate your operations with our reliable and efficient pumps.




Impulse Pumps Outperform Competitors in Fluid Transfer Applications


In a rigorous and comprehensive testing process, Impulse IP-Series and SIP-Series pumps were put head-to-head against other renowned brands in the fluid transfer market. The aim was to determine the superior choice for customers seeking reliability, efficiency, and versatility in their pumping operations. This case study highlights the results and provides three compelling reasons why customers should choose Impulse pumps.

Testing Methodology:

A variety of criteria were evaluated during the comparative testing, including performance, durability, efficiency, and adaptability. Real-world scenarios were simulated to replicate the demanding conditions commonly encountered in construction, pipeline, and dewatering applications. The tests involved extensive data collection and analysis to ensure accurate and objective results.


After rigorous testing, Impulse pumps emerged as the clear winner in several key areas, surpassing their competitors and proving their superiority. Here are the three main reasons why customers should always choose Impulse pumps:

1. Unparalleled Performance:

Impulse pumps demonstrated exceptional performance, consistently outperforming competitors in various fluid transfer applications. Their ability to handle demanding tasks such as water table control, groundwater extraction, and solid handling set them apart from the competition. The IP-Series exhibited remarkable reliability during extended operation periods, while the SIP-Series excelled in handling a wide range of challenging fluids. Impulse pumps consistently delivered superior performance, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted pumping operations.

2. Superior Durability:

In terms of durability, Impulse pumps showcased their robust construction and resilience in the face of demanding job site conditions. While other brands exhibited signs of wear and fatigue, Impulse pumps demonstrated exceptional longevity and maintained their performance even under harsh operating environments. Whether it was dealing with abrasive fluids or operating in dry conditions, Impulse pumps proved their durability, providing customers with pumps that can withstand the toughest challenges.

3. Versatility and Adaptability:

Impulse pumps showcased remarkable versatility and adaptability to meet diverse customer needs. The availability of both diesel and electric drive options allowed customers to choose the most suitable power source for their specific applications. Furthermore, the option for full enclosure or open electric structure enhanced flexibility in addressing noise reduction requirements and job site constraints. Impulse pumps proved to be a versatile solution that could be tailored to individual customer preferences, ensuring optimal performance in various fluid transfer applications.


The comprehensive testing and comparison between Impulse pumps and other leading brands established Impulse as the superior choice in the fluid transfer market. With exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, Impulse pumps consistently outperformed competitors in real-world scenarios. Customers can confidently choose Impulse for their pumping needs, knowing they will receive a reliable, efficient, and adaptable solution that excels in construction, pipeline, and dewatering applications.

Choose Impulse and experience the power of industry-leading pumps that have proven their worth in the most demanding environments.