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Impulse manufactures two pump types.

IP-SERIES (Piston Pumps)

IP-SERIES (Piston Pumps)

Our IP-Series Dewatering Pump is a reliable and efficient solution for lowering water tables during excavation and construction projects.
  • It’s a reciprocated, double-acting piston pump designed for groundwater extraction in demanding construction and infrastructure projects. 
  • The pump is suitable for both short-term and long-term dewatering needs. 
  • It offers continuous operation, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted dewatering process.  
  • The IP-Series pump is highly efficient, minimizing power consumption while maximizing performance. 
  • It helps reduce costs and environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice. 
  • Safety and environmental considerations are integral to our design philosophy. 
  • The IP-Series pumps are dedicated clean water pumps, ensuring extracted water is free from contaminants.
  • They can be installed on vertical well-points or horizontal drainage lines for efficient groundwater extraction.
SIP (Screw Impeller Pumps)

SIP (Screw Impeller Pumps)

Our SIP-Series Screw Impeller Pump is a versatile and robust pumping solution for construction, infrastructure, and rental applications.

  • Designed to excel in a wide range of works, our centrifugal pumps handle tough job site conditions. – Impressive solid handling capabilities make them ideal for wastewater, sewerage, mud, and more.
  • Our pumps operate with maximum efficiency, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.
  • Built to last, with sturdy construction and robust components for reliable performance.
  • Screw impeller design allows handling of liquids with various viscosities.
  • Ecomizer-Pro control system optimizes operation and energy consumption.
  • Run dry capability and intelligent management for energy efficiency.
  • Experience exceptional performance with our SIP-Series Screw Impeller Pumps.
  • Trust in solid handling, efficiency, and durability for outstanding results.