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Oriental Engineering Works (OEW) India is and has always been the production facilty for Impulse Pumps products.
Enjoy a quick factory tour, made by drone, through the factory that didn’t want to stop developing itself further on improving their own quality levels.

Our Philosophy

“The collaborative world of Oriental Engineering Works (P) Ltd. and Impulse Pumps BV.”

Our partnership, established in 2004, brings together two family companies for exceptional pump solutions. Oriental Engineering Works, founded in 1938, began manufacturing diesel engines and later transitioned to hydraulic equipment. Today, they are renowned for their high-pressure cylinders and hydraulic systems under the brand Tangee.

Oriental has a history of strong collaborations, serving as the sole selling agent for The Roemheld Gruppe in India since 1988 and manufacturing pump products for Impulse since 2004. They are also a valued partner for Tractel Secalt S.A. since 2016.

The collaboration between Impulse Pumps BV and Oriental Engineering Works is a powerful manufacturing alliance. Oriental’s comprehensive facilities, including a foundry and machine shop, contribute to their status as a total “steel” manufacturing company.

Oriental’s seamless integration with Impulse’s dataserver enables efficient collaboration and access to real-time information for pump production. All Impulse products have received official recognition by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with a Certificate of Origin from the Netherlands.

Together, we combine market insights, technical expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us in experiencing the power of collaboration and discover the exceptional pump solutions we offer today.