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Construction site water management 

Impulse offers two exceptional pump series: the IP-Series and SIP-Series. These pumps are available in diesel or electric drive and can be built with full enclosure or open structure. They are trusted worldwide for fluid transfer in construction, pipeline, and dewatering applications.

The IP-Series pumps are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. With a reciprocated double-acting piston design, they excel in lowering water tables and handling various fluids. These pumps are built to last, running continuously for extended periods. They are also energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and environmental impact.

For tough conditions, the SIP-Series pumps shine. With impressive solid handling capabilities, they effortlessly handle wastewater, sewerage, and more. These pumps operate in dry conditions and can handle liquids of varying viscosities. Their versatility makes them ideal for demanding jobs.

Whether you choose diesel or electric drive, Impulse has you covered. Customizable with full enclosure or open electric structure, our pumps adapt to your specific requirements. They are trusted by professionals worldwide for their reliability, efficiency, and versatility.

Experience the power of Impulse IP-Series and SIP-Series Pumps. Trust in our fluid transfer solutions for construction, pipeline, and dewatering projects. Choose Impulse and elevate your operations with our reliable and efficient pumps.